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Step 3: Take action 3.3 Implement interventions

To be operational, your roadmap, company policy or commitment will need to translate targets into actionable interventions. Choose and implement the type of interventions that best applies to your specific situation. These can be complementary and target various levels: industry, landscape or different tiers of your supply.

1. Redesign purchasing practices

Align your procurement practices with your living wage and living income strategy.

Supply chain management is complex due to the large number of stakeholders and the lack of data and transparency. Yet here, we distilled a few best practices and resources from leading companies that can be useful in your living wage and income journey.

Reviewing purchasing agreements

Investing in the relationship with your suppliers provides an incentive for suppliers and farmers to invest in living wages/income, with a greater chance of positive impact.

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Assessing pricing and increasing transparency 

Price volatility and low prices are among the major barriers for farmers to earn a living income and for producers/suppliers to pay a living wage to their workers. This hampers their ability to make investments.

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Using certification schemes and premiums

Certification schemes and premiums can help your company to start addressing living wages and living incomes within existing frameworks.

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2. Intervene in your supply chains

Living wage

Living income

3. Engage in industry and landscape initiatives

Consider either joining, or at least supporting, these initiatives to catalyse change at sectoral level and learn about and share best practices.

Industry initiatives 

Identify an organization or initiative that is addressing issues that frame governance in your priority commodity or in your sector, either at a national or global level.

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Landscape initiatives 

Your economic sustainability strategy relates to the environmental and social policies of the area you are sourcing from. 

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