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Step 4: Monitor & communicate 4.2 Communicate publicly

Share your commitment, progress and learnings on living wage and living income publicly and to affected stakeholders. Transparency is an essential component of your organisation’s goals, assessment process, progress and results and should all be shared with other companies, stakeholders and the public.

1. Share your commitment by:

  • Advocating through inclusive dialogue via multi-stakeholder initiatives, networks, roundtables, NGO coalitions and digital platforms.
  • Accelerating disruptive innovations.
  • Amplifying the voice of the citizenship (i.e. of farmers and laborers).

2. Share your progress externally through:

  • Online presence.
  • Regular progress updates measured by predefined indicators (see step 4.1).

3. Share your learnings and be open to conversation:

  • Invite external criticism by collaborating with NGO’s, research organizations and others. Third parties can help you identify and address your current risks more effectively.

Examples of public communication


Tony’s Chocolonely